Error Code 0x80073CF9

After the latest build of Windows 10 mobile I noticed that my app freeze on the splash page. I tried to re-install it but it failed with the error code 0x80073CF9. I changed setting for touch and then I miraculous manage to install it. The problem with the splash still remained, so I uninstalled the app again so that I could run it in debug mode from Visual Studio. In the development environment the app worked, so I wanted to download it once more from the store. But guess…. same error code and previous workaround didn’t work. Version is based on Silverlight which Microsoft is moving away from. Maybe the problem is related to this technology. I’m currently working on porting it to UWP but isn’t ready to release version yet. When it comes to version it looks like an issue that Microsoft should look into. The app worked on pervious build so to say. Will spend some time to investigate and see if I can find any solution or workarounds, but currently it looks bad for version I hope I can release version in August. Stay tuned!


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