Upgrade to NHibernate 3.0.0

I recently upgraded to NHibernate 3.0.0. NHibernate 3.0.0 has a good backward compatible with version 2.1.2. It includes a new Linq provider that fully supports Linq. When upgrading to NHibernate 3.0.0 I stumble into the following issues:

· The new Linq provider is included in NHibernat 3.0.0 and I didn’t have to download it separately.

· The method session.Linq<T>() is replaced by session.Query<T>().

· The new Linq provider has full support for Linq and I had to update some Linq queries. For example, it manages eager load differently. It includes new methods, Fetch and FetchMany, to define what shall be fetched eagerly.

So, it was quite easy to upgrade and I didn’t have that much trouble. Still need to explore all new features and re-factor the code whenever possible to take advantage of them. First impression of NH 3.0.0 is very good.


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