NHibernate 2.1.2 Security Constraints

So far I have only tested NHibernate 2.1.0. The latest version is currently 2.1.2. Yesterday I decided to download and install it. I was surprised to find that my unit test wouldn’t execute. The error message said that the NHibernate assembly wasn’t trusted.

Never seen this error before. I thought that I had to grant some permission to the assemblies with Caspol.exe or .Net Framework Configuration tool. It turned out to be easier. In the property dialog for the assembly, there was a new section called security. By pressing the unblock button the assembly became trusted.

1) I deleted all assemblies that is created and copied to the build directory.

2) I keep the referenced assemblies from NHiberenate etc in a lib directory. I unblocked all blocked assemblies in the lib directory.

3) Restarted Visual Studio

4) Rebuild the solution and it was possible to execute my unit tests again.


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