From the build event earlier this year I heard about a tool, Mobilize.NET, too relieve the work load to migrate an app from Silverlight to UWP. There is a good web cast from channel 9 about it at I really liked the idea even though I suspected that the tool wouldn’t be able to convert so much of my app. But just to get some help with some well-known common tasks sounded very helpful. So I installed it and gave it a try.

There were many issues reported and it would take very long time to sort things out (if even doable). As I looked through the converted code I realized that I’m just trying to port the code. My current implementation is just intended as an app for windows phone. It’s not designed as a universal app capable of running on several different devices.

I wanted to change this! Instead of just porting my “windows phone 8.1-ish” user interface to the universal windows platform. I wanted to re-design it so it becomes “universal-ish” and able to run on several different devices, primarily desktops and phones. Also, cross-platform in the long run.

Didn’t get so much help from Mobilize.NET and now my next challenge is to find a universal user interface, easy to use, implement and maintain for all different kind of devices…. Let’s see what I will end up with.


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