Changing format on USB memory stick

I needed some kind of portable device to store larger files. Looked on the Internet and found that there existed 16 GB memory sticks to a quite low price. Looked great and I went to the store and bought one. I had a file bigger than 8 GB that I need to back up. Guess if I was disappointed when I couldn’t copy it to the memory stick. It turned out that the default format was FAT32, which is limited to files of 4 GB. When I pressed RMB, it wasn’t possible to format the memory stick. Mentioned this for a colleague and he know how to change the format. It turned out to be a bit tricky. Here is how you can do it.

1) In the file explorer, use RMB to select properties of the memory stick.

2) Select the Hardware tab.

3) Select your USB device and press Properties.

4) Select the Policy tab.

5) Select Optimize for performance.

6) Now it is possible to format the memory stick to NTFS.


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